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As you all know I applied, I was interviewed and I am accepted to the Business school. But nothing is done yet. The real challenge begins now. Yes, I am accepted. But what is next?? In this post I will talk about the plethora of things that can be done once the MBA applicant is accepted to the B-school. It’s an exciting time when the actual MBA journey starts to shape up. Here are some things that take priority now.
Relax and Have fun – After all the hard work that goes into the MBA application process, you definitely deserve a break, and it’s time to have some fun. I recently realized that I was missing out on lot of fun in life during the last year. Hence I decided to put back the fun element in life. Put the zing back to your social life. See your friends and family and have fun. You deserve it!!!! And, yeah, now you have the perfect excuse to shop till you drop 🙂 Start planning your B-school wardrobe and lot of other essential things.

Start planning your finances – You are still not really done until you figure how are you going to fund your MBA. Start filling the FAFSA, I20 and other essential forms. Start scouting for scholarships and student loans.

Start thinking about your Visa and where you’re going to live – If you are relocating to a new country like me, you should also start planning for your visa and housing options. Start networking with the current students in the Target University and also with the fellow admits who are headed to the same place. Always keep your eye and heart open for the possible future roommate and/or classmate.

It’s not too early to start working on your intended career – No matter what your career goals said, it’s time to start getting the clear career focus. Shortlist the intended careers and more specific job functions. Ask career services to put you in touch with students and any recent alum who have made the same transition you hope to make. It’s a great time to start the professional networking. You can do informational interviews with the Alums, industry experts, and current students to get more focus and clarity. If you graduated long time back, time to get back to the study mode. You can take Quant refresher classes, sharpen your excel, and presentation skills.

Open up yourself to the world of Business – Start reading business blogs, keep yourself updated with the business world happenings. Increase your perspective about business, management, and leadership. It’s not a bad idea to read the management best sellers like Freakonomics, The Black Swan, Rich dad Poor dad, How to win etc.

Here are a few useful articles to help with this phase:

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