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Ladder 117
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Fire drill is a great buzz word that explains the art of completing an objective in the shortest amount of time possible. In theory, like actual fire drills in schools or offices, the procedure should be orderly and driven toward the end goal. In actuality, fire drills are often chaotic and stressful, but more often than not, the task gets done.

My best example of a fire drill happens before very high level management meetings. Without fail, managers will call their direct reports about an hour before presenting at a major meeting, and ask for multiple pieces of supporting data for their presentation. Then, the report either spouts off the information, polls co-workers for details or furiously pulls data from 3rd party sources, and delivers it to their manager, always with a cool, calm, collected smile on their face.

Author: Grayson Leverenz

Grayson Leverenz founded MBA in the USA® to help international students build networks, find jobs, and have fun in the USA. Hundreds of global professionals have benefited from Grayson’s intercultural workshops, and she has worked with people from Brazil, China, India, South Africa, South Korea, the UK, and the USA to build effective virtual teams and craft brilliant careers.

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