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Eastern Market Shopping (image: laura padgett)

Not Another Guide contributor; Theresa Pangelinan has found the perfect Sunday ritual in her hometown of Washington D.C.  Using the Capitol monuments as her backdrop, Theresa spends the day weaving through her favorite places, with her dog Silas, and delights in the intimate moments one could only discover being a local.

Pangelinan says “Sunday mornings are a usual excuse to sleep in and take it easy. However, I have come to find a Sunday routine that has me anxious to get up before noon.”

She heads down from Union Station towards Pennsylvania Avenue, going west past the Smithsonian Museum of Modern Art and stopping outside of the The Newseum.  She spends some time reading the headlines of the major newspapers from all 50 US states, as well as around the world, before the crowds arrive.

Pangelinan says “When I’ve read all the front pages, I take the long way….. Down 7th Street NW after crossing Constitution Avenue, I’m on the green of the National Mall…… It’s very typical to see several games like Frisbee and football being conducted on the mall. It’s a sense of community that becomes endearing in an area such as the Nation’s Capitol.”

She stops in at Ebenezer’s Coffee House to pick up coffee as it’s “Quaint” and always filled with people reading in big comfy chairs, or having conversations at tables in the window overlooking the Security and Exchange Commission’s building, before heading to Stanton Park with Silas.

In Stanton Park “it is always certain, rain or shine, that at 6pm every weeknight, you can watch dozens of dogs and their owners join together and on the weekends, it’s a constant all day dog extravaganza.”

As Brunch calls, she weaves through Historic Capitol Hill neighborhoods “where the houses become art pieces and their facades are like sculptures” towards Independence Avenue, down 7th street SE towards Eastern Market, and more specifically Tunnincliffs Tavern at 222 7th Street, SE.

“We first started coming here because we were able to sit outside on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant with the dog. In addition, we could watch all the people visit each vendor while enjoying our meal. However, we keep coming back for the food. I always order the same thing…..Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict.”

After Brunch, a stroll through Eastern Market is a highlight.   “I consider Eastern Market a secret treasure of Washington DC” says Pangelinan.  “It is local community involvement at its finest. Fresh produce, original art work and crafts everywhere. The actual market is an indoor corridor that holds several fresh local produce vendors, along with a fish, meat and cheese market. A fresh bakery and olive/pasta bar are also found inside. Aside from the florist, the hidden treasure inside is the lunch counter with the best friend oyster or friend cod fish sandwiches in the District. Outside, hundreds of vendors line 7th Street as well as the courtyard in front of the Historic Eastern Market Building and in the fenced off parking lot off 7th. On a good weekend, you’ll find music being played at every intersection.” Click through for the rest of Theresa’s Guide to the Eastern Market and Capitol Hill.

Author: Grayson Leverenz

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