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Introducing the Cultural USA online course

Recruiters name “fit” as one of the top reasons international students do not get USA job offers. What many people don’t realize is that “fit” often translates to cultural differences. How you build relationships, communicate effectively, and showcase skills differs globally. Most Americans don’t realize that we typically approach work in a vastly different way than the rest of the world.

The screenshot below illustrates American cultural norms compared to Brazil, China, India, Japan, and Mexico. What’s the first thing you notice?

MBA Cultural Training

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Americans (i.e. the blue bars) are significantly different on almost every cultural dimension. That means you, as an international student, will most likely have to adapt your workplace behaviors to succeed in the USA and turn your MBA internship into a fulltime offer.

MBA in the USA® is proud to partner with RW3 CultureWizard to provide an online cultural training solution to help international MBA students:

  • Make good first impressions on Americans
  • Avoid embarrassing cultural faux pas
  • Fit in with American colleagues
  • Develop American-style executive presence
  • Turn internships into fulltime offers.

Cultural USA provides over 5 hours of courses, assessments, and resources to help you succeed this summer and beyond.

Cultural Profile Survey

The Cultural Profile Survey begins with a 40 question, preference-based assessment that takes about 10 minutes to complete. When you’ve completed it, you get a visual representation of your personal cultural profile, much like the screenshot above, which you can compare to the cultural norms of your Home Country and the USA.

Click on Analysis and spend about 30-minutes learning more about the characteristics of each dimension and how they manifest in everyday workplace behavior. Watch a brief video describing each dimension and giving examples. Build self-awareness with a debrief of your cultural preferences, compare them to the USA, and review discussion questions that are great to talk through with spouses, colleagues, or HR business partners.

Country Profile

The USA country profile contains 50-60 articles on American culture. Topics include:

  • Culture Overview – Role of Women, View of Foreigners, Generational Differences
  • Country Overview – People, Government, History
  • Social Etiquette – Meeting People, Conversation Topics, Faux Pas
  • Communication – Nonverbal Language, Giving Effective Presentations
  • Business Protocol – Exchanging Business Cards, Appropriate Gift Giving
  • Business Meetings – Scheduling, Conducting
  • Management Styles – Relationships, Decision Making, Negotiations

WorkingWith the United States of America

A one-hour, multimedia course designed to help you understand the evolution of American culture and how it impacts workplace success. The course uses audio and video to bring the learning to life; it even includes videos of locals talking about American culture from their perspective. There are knowledge checks along the way, and a quiz at the end that allows you to test your skill development.

Expat Adjustment Cycle

This one-hour course walks you through the stages of expatriation and repatriation. It goes beyond giving information like “this is what culture shock is” to giving exercises that you can do at work and in your personal life to maximize the highs of your US experience and minimize the lows. If your spouse joined you for your MBA experience, this is an excellent course to share.

International Move Scheduler

The International Move Scheduler tracks activities to prepare for global moves like expatriating to the USA or repatriating home. The output appears in checklist or calendar form, and you can opt for email reminders of upcoming tasks.

Additional Resources

In addition to the courses and assessments, USA contains valuable resources like Key Phrases, USA Holidays, Currency Converter, and a one-page summary of USA culture called a Pocket Guide.

Cultural USA is available anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. Get instant, one-year access now.

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