Action Verbs Transform MBA Essays

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Two pieces of media stood out to me this weekend. Tim Ferriss introduced me to the upcoming film, Waiting for Superman, a documentary exploring the failing US primary education system. The movie trailer taught me that, among 30 developed countries, the US ranked 25th in Math, 21st in Science, and 1st in Confidence. #1 in Confidence. Why?

Today, I read a WSJ article highlighting how language impacts culture, the way we view the world. The article brilliantly shared research exploring how words and sentence structure reflect a culture’s values. 

I connected the dots, and started thinking about my favorite American cultural trait, the belief that we control our lives and destinies. Americans value action, and truly believe that if you work hard enough, you can achieve anything.

Impactful writing reflects these ideals. Write your MBA essays with confidence. Use action verbs to demonstrate your potential. Illustrate how proactive you will be in the classroom and beyond. Your essays will flow like a saxophone solo, beautiful music to waiting Recruiters’ ears.

Author: Grayson Leverenz

Grayson Leverenz founded MBA in the USA® to help international students build networks, find jobs, and have fun in the USA. Hundreds of global professionals have benefited from Grayson’s intercultural workshops, and she has worked with people from Brazil, China, India, South Africa, South Korea, the UK, and the USA to build effective virtual teams and craft brilliant careers.

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